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City Properties


SANTO DOMINGO — The Capital Of The Dominican Republic

5 Most Important Facts About Santo Domingo

  • SANTO DOMINGO is the largest metropolitan city in the Caribbean by population.

  • This capital is the most modern and dynamic metropolis in the Caribbean.

  • SANTO DOMINGO is the first capital city of North and South America, and it Is home to the first cathedral, the first university, and the first hospital.

  • Hispaniola is the island that SANTO DOMINGO is on – shared with Haiti to the west.

  • SANTO DOMINGO was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.


SANTIAGO — The Second Capital

SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS (often referred to as SANTIAGO), is an equally vibrant city as SANTO DOMINGO.  Also rich in history and culture, SANTIAGO is famous for its stunning natural beauty, including the iconic Pico Duarte which is the highest peak in the Caribbean.


Furthermore, SANTIAGO is renowned for its lively festivals (including the annual Carnaval celebration), and for its iconic "El Monumento" — a towering structure in the middle of the city that commemorates the country's struggle for independence.

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