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► The COST OF LIVING in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is among the lowest in the Caribbean, and is a fraction of that in North America i.e. if the home and car are paid off, a couple can live comfortably for less than $2,500 US$ a month — food $700 US$, electricity $75 US$, health insurance $125 US$/ea, cell phone service $50 US$/ea, home cable/internet is $50 US$, gasoline $300 US$, house cleaning $100 US$, entertainment $500 = $2,075 US$. (estimated)​

► The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC has world-class healthcare. In fact, the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC's healthcare system is light years ahead of those of its Caribbean neighbors, and is at a fraction of the cost of healthcare in the USA.

► The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is also the most diverse country in the region known for its friendly and hospitable people, vibrant culture, delicious gastronomy, lush nature, rhythmic music, and rich history.  

► The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC boasts 800 mi (1,288 km) of coastline with more hotel rooms and 5-star resorts than any other country in the Caribbean! 

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•  #1 Tourist destination for the Caribbean
•  #1 Golf destination for the Caribbean & Latin America
•  Fastest growing economy in its region for the past 10 years
•  Most stable economy in its region for the past 10 years
•  2nd. largest goldmine in the world (Pueblo Viejo mine)
•  2nd. largest country in the Caribbean by size after Cuba
(19,000 sq mi)
•  3rd. largest country in the Caribbean by population (11.4 million)
•  7th. largest economy in Latin America


REAL ESTATE investment opportunities in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC are backed by a solid infrastructure, steady economic growth, and investment-friendly legislation for foreigners—cementing the DR's position as the best place to invest in real estate in the Caribbean.



​YES, foreigners can buy property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC!

  1. To buy property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC you only need two valid government IDs from your country of origin e.g. a valid passport and a valid driver's license—yes even as a foreigner!

  2. There are NO restrictions or limitations of any type for foreigners to buy property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Actually, foreigners have the same benefits and privileges as Dominicans buying property in their country!

  3. Law 158-01 or CONFOTUR LAW establishes certain TAX INCENTIVES for certain real estate projects to encourage real estate investment in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (learn more). 

Can Freignr Buy

What is the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC best known for?

Experience the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, a captivating Caribbean gem renowned for its unparalleled attractions and vibrant culture that create memories that last a lifetime!

  1. Music (Merengue & Bachata) and Carnival: Immerse yourself in the vibrant pulse of Dominican culture as music fills the air and Carnival celebrations electrify the streets. With vivid parades, dazzling costumes, and pulsating music, towns across the country burst with a whirlwind of joyous revelry, showcasing the nation's deep-rooted festive spirit and rich cultural diversity.

  2. Stunning Beaches: With approximately 1,633 kilometers (1,015 miles) of pristine coastline, where azure waters gently kiss white sandy shores, the Dominican Republic is a renowned haven for beach enthusiasts and water sports aficionados alike.

  3. Baseball Talent: Home to a plethora of Major League Baseball stars, the Dominican Republic's passion for baseball runs deep, shaping the nation's identity and fostering a culture of sporting excellence admired globally.

  4. Colonial Heritage: Wander through the cobblestone streets of Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and trace the footsteps of history amidst centuries-old architecture, museums, and captivating landmarks.

  5. Ecological Diversity: From the majestic peaks of Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean, to the captivating depths of the Enriquillo Basin, the lowest point in the region, the Dominican Republic boasts unparalleled ecological diversity.

what is dominican republic best known for

Whether you are seeking a paradisiac vacation property, a blissful retirement destination, or a lucrative commercial real estate opportunity, the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC beckons with its unparalleled beauty, vibrant lifestyle, and promising investment potential. Discover your slice of paradise in the heart of the Caribbean.

carnival dominican republic


The DOMINICAN CARNIVAL is the most vibrant celebration of the Dominican culture!

Overwhelmingly, the most vibrant celebration of the Dominican culture is "EL CARNAVAL DOMINICANO."  It is the time when people of all ages and from all regions take to the streets to enjoy some of the most beautiful and festive parades in the world​

CARNIVAL is celebrated on Sundays for the month preceding Lent season (which usually falls in February) in various cities and towns across the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, with each location adding its unique flair to the festivities. Some of the most notable cities and towns where Carnival is celebrated include:

Santo Domingo •  La VegaPuerto PlataSantiago • Bonao • La RomanaPunta Cana

The merriest event is the Final National Carnival Parade held in the capital SANTO DOMINGO on the first Sunday of March, in co-celebration with the Dominican Independence Day, which is February 27.  That day the celebrations in SANTO DOMINGO include a large military display with the Dominican Air Force, navy, and army along with carnival groups from all around the DR for one last fiesta along the city’s Malecón waterfront boulevard.

Learn all about the traditions of the DOMINICAN CARNIVAL and the CARNIVAL MASKS

The carnival is the most vibrant celebration of the Dominican culture known as "CARNAVAL DOMINICANO"


The DR is the #1 Caribbean destination
known for its beautiful beaches,
fascinating culture, and delicious gastronomy.

Captivating montage of pictures about the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC., carnival, people, historic places, gastronomy, beaches, and much more!


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