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info about healthcare system in dominican republi


A World-Class Health Care System
At A Fraction Of The Cost!

Low Cost Quality Hospitals & Doctor Care For All Ages

healthcare in dominican republic


  1. ​Good health insurance coverage is available for foreigners.

  2. Most medical tests, treatments, and procedures are available,  including transplants, laser surgery, and chemotherapy. 

  3. The DR has the latest medical equipment and top medical professionals.

  4. Most medical professionals are fluent in English.

  5. All types of medications are available at hospitals or pharmacies.

Planning a Dream Vacation or a Paradisiac Retirement?

The Dominican Republic boasts a modern and well-equipped healthcare system, catering to the needs of all ages. From young families to retirees, you'll find a comprehensive range of medical services at a fraction of the cost compared to the US.

  • Advanced Pediatric Care: The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC has made significant strides in pediatric care, with several hospitals boasting specialized children's wings and access to top-notch pediatricians. This ensures that families with young children have access to high-quality medical care for their little ones if needed. Additionally, most hospitals in major cities like Santo Domingo, Santiago, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and La Vega, to name a few, offer dedicated pediatric emergency rooms staffed by specialists trained in caring for children. This focus on advanced pediatric care provides peace of mind to young families considering the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC as a place to vacation or raise their children.

  • Cost Savings: Retirees are generally delighted to know that medical procedures in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC are generally around 70% less expensive than in the United States. For example, a hip replacement surgery costs as much as $53,750 in the US, whereas in the DR it can cost as little as $15,525 (source: Healthcare Blue Book - This significant cost difference allows retirees to access quality medical care without breaking the bank.

  • The Dominican Republic: A Potential Haven for Your Golden Retirement Years

    Are you looking forward to retirement? Retirees seeking a peaceful, secure, and affordable country to retire in find the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC  particularly appealing due to its substantially lower cost of living (when compared to other countries in Europe, as well as Latin and North America), and its world-class healthcare system.

    Yes, it's crucial to thoroughly research the healthcare system, including insurance options, to ensure it meets your specific needs regardless of the stage of life. With regards to health coverage, the monthly cost of health insurance in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is between $150 and $200 for 100% coverage with HUMANO SEGUROS — one of the top three insurance companies in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

    Whether you're seeking a tropical paradise for your family vacation, a thriving destination for your career, or a secure haven for your retirement, the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC offers a unique quality of life. Nevertheless, researching the healthcare system, including costs, services, and insurance options are crucial deciding factors, and knowing that the Dominican healthcare system treats all age groups effectively and affordably is great peace of mind!

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