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SANTO DOMINGO, affectionately called La Capital, is the capital of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC as well as the most modern and dynamic city in the Caribbean. 

The Capital

SANTO DOMINGO epitomizes the pulse of Dominican culture as the place where the old and the new converge seamlessly.
Based on the 2010 census, the population of SANTO DOMINGO and its surrounding metropolitan areas accounted for about 1/3 of the country’s total population of 10.6 million.

santo domingo dominican republic white house palacio

The capital is the cultural, financial, political, commercial and industrial center of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, and is home to the country's’ most important industries and seaports.  The city harbor at the offset of the Ozama River accommodates the largest vessels, and the port handles both passenger and freight traffic.  SANTO DOMINGO is where most of the country's wealth is concentrated, in addition to being the seat of the national legislature, judicial and executive government.

cigars santiago dominican republic

The Second Capital

As the DR’s second largest city, affectionately known as the second capital, SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS or SANTIAGO is a thriving modern cosmopolitan city pulsating with culture and entertainment.  

Downtown SANTIAGO is home to a vibrant nightlife with over 100 nightclubs, bars and world-class entertainment, while the Cordillera Central Mountain Range looming at a short distance is replete with hiking adventures and tourist attractions.  The city’s main landmark and social hub is El Monumento a Los Héroes de la Restauración, nicknamed El Monumento after the men who regained the DR’s independence from Spain in 1865.

To top it off, nature blessed SANTIAGO with fertile soil to grow the worlds’ finest tobacco and be home to 90 percent of the largest cigar factories, earning Santiago the nickname “Cigar Country”.

jarabacoa dominican republic waterfall

JARABACOA - Perfect Spring Weather Year-Round!​

JARABACOA is perched at an altitude of 529 meters (1,736 feet) above sea level in the lush mountains of the CIBAO region and is the favored mountain escape in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for tourists, retirees, and Dominican natives alike.
JARABACOA is heavenlike for everyone seeking fresh air, cool temperatures, running rivers, and an exuberant mountainous landscape. At about 33 miles south of SANTIAGO and 15 miles southwest of LA VEGA, this exquisite mountain town has the ideal tropical climate due to its location and high elevation i.e. warm days and mild nights during most of the year. Thanks to its ideal temperatures, JARABACOA earned its nickname "The City of  Everlasting Spring."

The town boasts a variety of entertainment. Many adventurous travelers come to this unique side of the country on a quest to conquer the tallest peak in the Caribbean, PICO DUARTE which stands 3,087 meters above sea level (10,125 feet).  From this mighty summit flows the RIO YAQUE DEL NORTE, the longest river in the DR, running through the heart of this CIBAO region like its lifeline to the area's renowned waterfalls and outdoor water adventures.

But don't be fooled, in addition to relishing in perfect weather and enjoying some of the most beautiful rivers and waterfalls, JARABACOA is the capital of extreme mountain sports in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Here you will enjoy many well-organized operators offering river rafting, mountain biking, rappelling, canyoning, paragliding, and mountain trekking.



#1 Tourist Destination in the Caribbean, Capital of Resorts—Welcome to PUNTA CANA!

PUNTA CANA, with its more than 90 resorts and over 40,000 hotel rooms, is the hotel capital of the Caribbean.

PUNTA CANA receives over half of the 8.2 million visitors the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC welcomed in 2022, and the PUNTA CANA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (PUJ) is the second busiest airport in the Caribbean receiving 21,787 aircraft entries yearly, making it the airport in the Caribbean that connects to most cities around the world.

The PUNTA CANA coastline is one of the longest stretches of white sand shoreline in the Caribbean at 30 miles long, and its beaches are framed by coconut palm palms that appear to reach for the sky. The town is nested at the easternmost point of the island, only 123 miles from Puerto Rico, precisely where the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea converge.

From its northernmost point at UVERO ALTO to its southernmost point at CAP CANA, luxurious resorts, and quaint inns line the shores, where thousands of beachfront weddings take place year-round.  Although there is beautiful white sand and crystalline water for swimming, fishing, and diving, in PUNTA CANA you will find more than just fun in the sun. Here you will savor delicious international cuisine in addition to authentic Dominican gastronomy, enjoy an electrifying nightlife, as well as numerous family attractions which include a helicopter ride over the city.

punta cana resorts

In terms of the Real Estate Market in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, it is thriving due to the country's robust economy, solid infrastructure, and foreigner-friendly investment laws i.e. potential buyers can expect both rental income and high resale values for their properties.  Therefore, whether you want an income-producing property, live your dream retirement in the Caribbean, or just have a great place to spend your vacations with loved ones, the DR is an excellent place to buy real estate.



LAS TERRENAS, also known to be the french speaking town of the country, is a small tourist town nested in the northeastern part of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC on the SAMANÁ Peninsula. Aside from its French population, LAS TERRENAS is well known for its crystal-clear turquoise seas, soft golden sand, and exotic coconut trees. Tourists flock to LAS TERRENAS and SAMANA year-round to participate in a variety of water activities and soak up the priceless Caribbean sun. PLAYA BONITA, COSN, and LAS BALLENAS are just a few of the world-famous beaches on this peninsula.

las terrenas real estate dominican republic real estate

You will also find in LAS TERRENAS & SAMANA a cluster of bars and restaurants right on the waterfront, many of which have wonderful outside seating where the ambiance is perfect to enjoy zesty tropical drinks and delicious typical food usually accented with a touch of fresh coconut. 

As for tourist attractions, you will enjoy underwater caves such as Dudu Cave which are found on cays off the shore. Additionally, you and your loved ones may take part in exciting daily boat trips to nearby attractions like LOS HAITISES NATIONAL PARK, CAYO LEVANTADO, and the SAMANA WHALE WATCHING EXPEDITIONS.  The bay is home to seagrass meadows, coral reefs, and tiny mangrove cays in addition to humpback whales, turtles, and manatees.

SAMANA EL CATEY (AZS), also known as Aeropuerto Internacional Presidente Juan Bosch, is the nearest international airport to the area. The airport is conveniently located approximately 30 miles from SAMANA and 15 miles from LAS TERRENAS respectively.



The perfect combination of Beach & Mountains

PUERTO PLATA is the birthplace of tourism and the ninth-largest city in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. This charming town continues to pack a mighty punch with its sprawling landscape of spectacular mountains, lush valleys, sparkling rivers, and breathtaking beaches. 

PUERTO PLATA is distinguished in the DR by its interesting marriage of Victorian and modern architecture that creates a multitude of vibrant villages and cultural experiences.

puerto plata real estate company

PUERTO PLATA continues to astound its visitors with the Caribbean's only cable car, La Novia del Atlántico (Atlantic’s Darling), which takes its passengers through the lush botanical gardens of Mount Isabel de Torres, and part of its 100 kilometers (62 miles) Atlantic coastline.

On the Atlantic north coast of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, PUERTO PLATA is best known for its lush mountains next to its beautiful beaches, and Playa Dorada's famous 18-hole golf course.

la romana casa de campo


LA ROMANA is not a typical town of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC i.e. it is a company town that is primarily owned by the Central Romana Corporation, blessing LA ROMANA with nearly 100% employment.

As the third-largest city in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, LA ROMANA is also one of its most sought-after tourist destinations.  Some of the renowned places to visit in LA ROMANA include Obelisk, BAYAHIBE or Este National Park, Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima Church, Central Park, Rotonda Park or Monument to the Bible, in addition to the must-see Altos de Chavón River.

Interestingly the largest sugar cane mill in the Americas was once headquartered in LA ROMANA, until 1974 when its owners diversified and ventured into tourism by opening the CASA DE CAMPO RESORT.  Casa de Campo (Spanish for "Country House") is a Ponderosa-style tropical seaside residential community in LA ROMANA on the southeast coast of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. It was developed in 1975 by Gulf+Western on 7,000 acres (28 km2) of its Central Romana sugar mill's land. In 1984 CASA DE CAMPO RESORT was sold, and today in addition to being LA ROMANA’s flagship CASA DE CAMPO is recognized among the world’s largest resorts and best golf destination!

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