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Investor Alert: Massive LAND FOR SALE with abundant private water supply



Property Description


MASSIVE LAND FOR SALE (1,208 tareas) in Paso Bajito, Jarabacoa entering Constanza - with abundant private water supply on property.

Imagine… owning 1,208 tareas (approx. 760,090 m²) of prime Dominican real estate, nestled in the heart of PASO BAJITO, JARABACOA entering CONSTANZA. This exceptional offering consists of two adjacent parcels, each boasting its own up-to-date title, perfect for visionary investors seeking to develop a thriving community or communities.

The Enchanting Allure of Water:

Forget scarcity! This land is a true oasis, blessed with an ever-flowing natural spring. Pristine, crystal-clear water cascades from a 100-meter elevation through a durable NP6 pipe, ensuring a reliable, high-quality source for your entire development. The natural pressure from the elevation eliminates the need for pumps, making this a remarkably sustainable solution.

Beyond Compare: A Perfect Climate and Rich Biodiversity:

JARABACOA / CONSTANZA boasts the island's most coveted climate, a haven of perpetual mildness favored by foreigners seeking a tranquil escape. But that's not all! The fertile grounds are adorned with hundreds of mature fruit trees, including macadamia, guava, plantain, lemon, and more, offering a delightful bounty and endless agricultural possibilities.

A Picturesque Paradise Awaits:

Envision stunning scenery with a winding river gracing the property, adding a touch of magic to your vision. Here, amidst breathtaking natural beauty, you can design a community that fosters connection with nature and a luxurious escape from the ordinary.

One parcel (108,532 m²) even features two existing houses, offering additional possibilities for development or immediate income.

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

This exceptional land holding, with its abundant water, perfect climate, fertile grounds, and existing structures, presents an unparalleled opportunity to craft a flourishing community in a truly extraordinary location.

Act now and CALL NOW on WhatsApp or directly by phone at +1-809-763-4400 or +1-809-399-1138 to schedule a private viewing!

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