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The DOMINICAN REAL ESTATE GROUP INT'L.  maximizes the use of digital technology to stay ahead of the competition by systematically using Innovative REAL ESTATE Marketing Campaigns
that s
trategically maximize the use of internet & digital advertising, and produce the highest number of qualified international buyers of real estate in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.


Innovative REAL ESTATE Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when people could sell a house, villa, apartment, investment property or even land in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC by simply having a website, putting a for sale sign, talking to neighbors...

Today to sell a real estate property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC quickly and at the best prices digital technology must be maximized, otherwise it will take forever to find a buyer and the selling price will not be the best.

If used correctly however, digital technology is the most powerful and effective marketing tool to strategically increase exposure to sell real estate properties in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, and attract the highest number of qualified international buyers.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

"If you want to sell a property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC fast and at the best price, we can do it for you!"

We will design and deploy our Innovative REAL ESTATE Marketing Campaigns specific to your property.  The campaigns will be personalized & geotargeted to particular areas in:

  1. Dominican Republic

  2. United States

  3. Canada

  4. Europe

The campaigns will be directed to specific groups of people categorized by:

  • Age

  • Income

  • Profession

  • Neighborhood

The marketing engines utilized throughout the campaigns are:

* LinkedIn Business Network

* Facebook (paid advertisement)

* Instagram (paid advertisement)

* WhatsApp Status & Messenger

* Highlighted on our company website


To discuss our Innovative REAL ESTATE Marketing Campaigns in more details, and to know how we can sell your properties in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, reach us directly on WHATSAPP

+1 809 763 4400 (click here)

Or send us a message using the contact form.