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THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, also known as "Heaven on Earth"

The DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, also known as the DR but not to be confused with Dominica, is a country located in the middle of the Caribbean region, sharing the island of Hispaniola with Haiti and occupying the eastern two thirds.  To give you an idea of its size, the DR has a surface of 48,442 km² (18,703 sq mi), and a Population of 10.93 million (WorldOmeter).


Did you know that the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is...?

•  #1 Tourist destination for the Caribbean
•  #1 Golf destination for the Caribbean & Latin America
•  Fastest growing economy in its region for the past 10 years
•  Most stable economy in its region for the past 10 years
•  2nd. largest goldmine in the world (Pueblo Viejo mine)
•  2nd. largest country in the Caribbean by size after Cuba (19,000 sq mi)
•  3rd. largest country in the Caribbean by population (10.63 million)
•  9th. largest economy in Latin America

The REAL ESTATE investment opportunities in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC are backed by a solid infrastructure, steady economic growth, and business-friendly legislations all contributing to cementing the DR's position as the #1 place to BUY REAL ESTATE in the Caribbean.

INTERESTING FACT: To buy property in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC you only need a valid passport and a valid driver's license - yes, even as a foreigner.


What is the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC best know for?

With seven international airports, paradise has never been closer i.e. by air the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is only two hours south of Miami, less than four hours from New York, and only around eight hours from most European cities.
The DR has a sensational combination of beautiful beaches, great people, rhythmic music, and delicious food that captivates its visitors reenergizing them to create memories that last a lifetime! 

The island has a great biological diversity, in addition to a fantastic climate with an average temperature of 78.8°F.  Culturally sports and music are very important, with MERENGUE and BACHATA being the national rhythms and fuel to the yearly Dominican Carnival.  Baseball is the favorite sport although the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is also home to 26 world-class golf courses sprinkled in different areas of the country.

Along the years the DR has also earned a worldwide recognition for its cigars produced primarily in EL CIBOA, which is the green area on the adjacent map.

dominican republic resorts


The most vibrant celebration of the Dominican culture!

Overwhelmingly the most vibrant celebration of the Dominican culture is the DOMINICAN CARNIVALCARNAVAL DOMINICANO.  It is the time when people of all ages and from all regions take to the streets to enjoy some of the most beautiful and festive parades in the world.

The CARNIVAL in the DR is a celebration that takes place in seven different cities throughout the island every Sunday for the month preceding Lent season (which usually falls in the February).


The merriest event is the Final National Carnival Parade held the capital SANTO DOMINGO on the first Sunday of March, in co-celebration with the Dominican Independence Day, which is February 27.  That day the celebrations in SANTO DOMINGO include a large military display with the Dominican air force, navy and army along with carnival groups from all around the DR for one last fiesta along the city’s Malecón waterfront boulevard.



JARABACOA - With perfect spring weather all year round!​

JARABACOA is perched at an altitude of 529 meters (1,736 feet) above sea level in the lush mountains of the CIBAO region, and is the favored mountain escape in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for tourists, retirees and Dominican natives alike.
JARABACOA is heavenlike for everyone seeking fresh air, cool temperatures, running rivers, and an exuberant mountainous landscape.  At about 33 miles south of SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS and 15 miles south-west of LA VEGA, this exquisite mountain town has the ideal tropical rainforest climate due to its location and high elevation.  Its heavenly climate has warm days and mild nights during most of the year, and temperate days and cool nights during a few winter months.  Because of these ideal temperatures, JARABACOA earned its nickname "The City of  Everlasting Spring".

Interestingly, the name JARABACOA was formed out of the words 'Jaraba' and 'Coa', meaning "Land of Waters" in the native language.  Today the town boasts a variety of charming accommodations, from riverside ranches and eco-lodges to luxury vacation villas perched in the mountains.  Many adventurous travelers come to this unique side of the country on a quest to conquer the tallest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, standing 3,087 meters above sea level (10,125 feet).  From this mighty summit flows the Río Yaque del Norte, the longest river in the DR, running through the heart of this Cibao region like its lifeline to the area's renowned waterfalls and outdoor water adventures.

punta cana resorts

PUNTA CANA - Resort Capital of the Caribbean​

Did you know that PUNTA CANA:

  • Is the #1 tourist destination in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, hosting around 60% of the country’s 7 million visitors in 2019?

  • Has the most hotel rooms in the Caribbean, giving it's title of "The Resort Town of the Caribbean"?

  • Is a world-class golf destination with 10 magnificent designer courses?

  • Has its own international airport which has the most international flights in the Caribbean?

  • The airport is privately owned by company called GROUPO PUNTA CANA?

  • By land is only 1 hour away from La Romana and 2.5 hours from the capital SANTO DOMINGO?

  • 50 megaresorts are all (but two) owned by European entrepreneurs, particularly Spanish hotel chains?

As such, PUNTA CANA is uniquely nested where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea, and occupies the eastern extremity of the island, giving the town the longest white-sand coastline (100-kilometre/62 mi).  For families the town is also riddled with fabulous amusement parks, water parks, helicopter rides, boat excisions and doom buggies rides... PUNTA CANA also has its share of restaurants and bars. while also offering couples splendid 5-star resorts with secluded and romantic beachfront lodging, in addition to excellent REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES.

The perfect combination of Beach & Mountains

PUERTO PLATA is the birthplace of tourism and the ninth largest city in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, and it continues to pack a mighty punch with its sprawling landscape of spectacular mountains, lush valleys, sparkling rivers and breathtaking beaches. 

PUERTO PLATA is distinguished in the DR by its interesting marriage of Victorian and modern architecture that create a multitude of vibrant villages and cultural experiences.


PUERTO PLATA continues to astound its visitors with the Caribbean's only cable car La Novia del Atlántico (Atlantic’s Darling) which takes its passengers through the lush botanical gardens of the Mount Isabel de Torres, and part of its 100 kilometers (62 miles) Atlantic coastline.

On the Atlantic north coast of the DOMINIACN REPUBLIC, PUERTO PLATA is best known for its lush mountains next to its beautiful beaches, and Playa Dorada's famous 18-hole golf course.

real estate santiago dominican republic

The Second Capital

As the DR’s second largest city affectionately named “La Ciudad Corazón” (heart city) for being in the heart of the Cibao Valley, SANTIAGO is a thriving modern cosmopolitan city pulsating with culture and entertainment.  

Downtown SANTIAGO is home to a vibrant nightlife with over 100 nightclubs, bars and world-class entertainment, while the Cordillera Central Mountain Range looming at a short distance is replete with hiking adventures and tourist attractions.  The city’s main landmark and social hub is El Monumento a Los Héroes de la Restauración, nicknamed El Monumento after the men who regained the DR’s independence from Spain in 1865.

To top it off nature blessed SANTIAGO DE LOS CABALLEROS with a fertile soil to grow the worlds’ finest tobacco and be home to 90 percent of the largest cigar factories, earning Santiago the nickname “Cigar Country”.


SANTO DOMINGO, affectionately called La Capital, is the capital of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC as well as the most modern and dynamic city in the Caribbean. 


SANTO DOMINGO epitomizes the pulse of Dominican culture as the place where the old and the new converge seamlessly.
Based on the 2010 census, the population of SANTO DOMINGO and its surrounding metropolitan areas accounted for about 1/3 of the country’s total population.


The capital is the cultural, financial, political, commercial and industrial center of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, and is home to the country's’ most important industries and seaports.  The city harbor at the offset of the Ozama River accommodates the largest vessels, and the port handles both passenger and freight traffic.  SANTO DOMINGO is where most of the country's wealth is concentrated, in addition to being the seat of the national legislature, judicial and executive government.



LA ROMANA is not a typical town of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC i.e. it is a company town that is primarily owned by the Central Romana Corporation, blessing LA ROMANA with nearly 100% employment.

Interestingly the largest sugar cane mill in the Americas was once headquartered in LA ROMANA, until 1974 when its owners diversified and ventured into tourism by opening the CASA DE CAMPO RESORT.  In 1984 CASA DE CAMPO RESORT was purchased by the Central Romana Corporation, and today in addition to being LA ROMANA’s flagship CASA DE CAMPO is recognized among the worlds’ largest resort and best golf destination.

As the third-largest city in the Dominican Republic, LA ROMANA is also one of its most sought-after tourist destinations.  Some of the renowned places to visit in LA ROMANA include Obelisk, BAYAHIBE or Este National Park, Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima Church, Central Park, Rotonda Park or Monument to the Bible, in addition to the must see Altos de Chavón river.


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